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Sammamish Diabetes and Lipid Clinic, PLLC
A medical home for patients with cardiovascular risk. 
3854 E Lake Sammamish Parkway NE, Sammamish WA 98074 .


About the Sammamish Diabetes and Lipid Clinic

Our clinic's mission is to be a medical home that will provide superb care to our patients.  We aim to accomplish this by limiting the number of patients, by providing same-day access for urgent problems whenever possible, and by eliminating barriers between the patients and physician.

Because we focus on the health of patients with diabetes and lipid problems, we follow the chronic care model which focuses on regular scheduled care visits for our patients.  We believe in setting goals for treatment outcomes with our patients and in expecting the patients to work towards achieving those goals. 


A micropractice is a medical practice that is designed to be efficient, to have very low overhead, and to reduce the barriers between physician and patient. Although it is similar to the way many medical practices were run 50 or more years ago, a major difference is the use of technology such as electronic medical records, internet scheduling, and email communication with patients.  More information on micropractices

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care  is a way of paying for primary medical care without the use of insurance.

 Read Dec. 22, 2014 Time Magazine Article on Direct Primary Care  

Sammamish Diabetes and Lipid Clinic Quality and Patient Experience Reports

We believe in using objective measures of health care quality and patient satisfaction to judge how we are doing.  Check our most recent quality and patient experience measures.